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ChinChile Products is your online Chilean supermarket that offers a wide selection of high-quality Chilean products for customers in the USA and worldwide.

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The best of the best, super fast shipping and fresh products. It really is a little piece of Chile to your home 🇨🇱 Best Chilean products in the States!!

Katerine R.

I have already bought through this page and the products are too good, I have been here in the United States for a long time and it was great to feel the flavors of our land again, that despite the distance we can taste products from our Chile 10/10 ♥️

Karen S.

This place is a hidden gem. A home away from home. They have all kinds of goodies that bring so many nice memories from Chile. Glad you’re around.

Victor F.

I have bought several times in this store, the first time when I was in the United States and the second time as a gift for my husband after I returned to Chile, and both times it was super fast and everything was impeccable. You can see the dedication and care they put into the shipments :) I will order again in the near future.

Camila S.

From the first order I loved the service and there is always good communication. Thank you for bringing a bit of Chile to our home! I recommend them 100% :)

Barbara H.

Very good experience! Everything arrived in good condition and fast!

Karla R.

Excelent service and great variety of products.... I will recomend ChinChile to all of those that are missing the Chilean goodies.

Familia Tello

My experience with ChinChile has been excellent, I have ordered 3 times, the shipping is super fast and the products are in very good condition. 100% recommended!

Ashley M.

I love it, I found this page two years ago, it is what brings me closer to Chile when we have cravings, effective and efficient service.

Alexandrea P.

Excellent price and good products from Chile.

Francisco P.